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Organ Donation Facts

Organ Donation Facts

Did You Know?

  • That African Americans have traditionally been reluctant to donate their organs (Minniefield, Yang, & Muti, 2001).
  • That some of the reasons for the reluctance include family and cultural values that mitigate against organ donations, fear of the procurement process, religious beliefs, and prejudices against bodily mutilation (Morgan, 2006).
  • That African Americans suffer disproportionately from high blood pressure and diabetes compared to others
  • That high blood pressure and diabetes can cause damage either to the kidneys or other organs (Martins, Agodoa, & Norris, 2012).
  • That African Americans make up 13% of the overall population in the united states, represent 28.9% of the 113,000 people on the national waiting list to receive organ transplants (DHHS, 2019).
  • That African Americans have a better chance of organ matches and successful transplants if received from other African Americans (Silva et al., 2019).
  • That everyone waiting for an organ transplant would have a better chance if there were significantly more organ donors from a broader range of racial or ethnic backgrounds (DHHS, 2019).

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